Day 6 – Sunday lunch and drinks (non-alcoholic of course)


Lovely Sunday lunch and drinks in town with a friend. Usually would have involved some wine or cider and possibly an Irish coffee to round things off. Experimented with soft drinks instead including a raspberry lemonade, which only tasted slightly of jam, and lots of water. Impressed that my friend voluntarily chose to join me in sticking to non-alcoholic drinks, and had some interesting discussions about Dry January. Finding people generally supportive and curious about the campaign. Distinct lack of the usual sleepiness after a leisurely lunch, no doubt due to the lack of alcohol, though possibly the double espressos as well!

I’m well aware that I’m in a very privileged position, and that substituting delicious soft beverages for alcohol is hardly a great sacrifice. I’m not socially excluded by homelessness, poverty, unemployment or disability. For people facing multiple deprivations, the prospect of giving up alcohol can be terrifying as it can be their only coping strategy, no matter how destructive. This is why support services for alcohol users are so important, to help the most vulnerable people and show that change is possible.

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Running total £227


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