Day 7 – Week 1 Completed!

Noticing lots of comment and analysis in the press around Dry January, and also Cancer Research’s Dryathlon campaign, and whether giving up alcohol for a month can have any significant benefits. A piece in the Guardian says that Alcohol Concern cites similar campaigns in Australia and New Zealand, where over a third of participants reported reduced drinking over the rest of the year, which I find genuinely encouraging.

Of course, as highlighted by the British Liver Trust, sensible drinking through the year is preferable to a month of abstinence and excessive drinking the rest of the time, but one week into Dry January, and I’m already wondering how my alcohol  consumption might change as a result of this challenge in the longer term…

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9 thoughts on “Day 7 – Week 1 Completed!

      • Mike does Dry January every year, and it turns him into a lightweight for a week or two, but by the end of Feb I’d say we are back to normal. If you want to maintain it, I would say the best thing is to make a rule of “no alcohol on a work night” i.e. Sunday to Thursday in his case, and stick to that. It also helps not to have much alcohol in the house; if we buy an interesting looking gin or whisky it inevitably disappears quicker than intended, and it’s very easy to say “you know what, it was a tough day, so sod it, let’s have some wine with dinner after all”. If you have to actively go out to the shops before you can have a drink, it makes it less likely to happen.

        I say that. I’m drinking a pint of Pimms while typing. I’m a bad example, and I know it. Sorry!

  1. Well done! Keep it up. I hardly drink alcohol at all these days (for health reasons) and honestly don’t give much thought to it!

  2. It can only do you good physically – it reduces all sorts of risks – although that has never stopped me. Mind you, one bottle of Crabbies and I am almost anybody’s nowadays….

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