Day 14 – How many biscuits in a bottle?

A couple of people asked me if I’d lost weight today. I don’t feel like I have, but as I generally avoid scales like the plague I have no way of knowing for sure. I haven’t changed my exercise routine  or diet – in fact in the absence of using alcohol as a “reward” I’ve probably been eating MORE chocolate if anything – but purely by abstaining from alcohol for 2 weeks, it’s highly likely that I have been reducing my calorie intake.

For anyone like me who could do with losing some weight, taking an honest look at the amount of alcohol we drink, and cutting down, is unavoidable if we’re serious about it. It’s quite scary how many calories are in alcohol – 7 calories per gram, nearly as much as in a gram of pure fat (9 calories).

The World Cancer Research fund has a handy automated Alcohol Calorie Counter on its website, which conveniently does the maths for you and tells you the equivalent number of chocolate digestive biscuits to your favourite tipple.

Exhibit A, a pint of cider at 5 % abv contains 244 calories

Exhibit B, a pint of lager at 5% contains 250 calories

Exhibit C, a large (250ml) glass of wine at 13% abv contains 178 calories

JUST ONE DRINK might as well be a packet of crisps in terms of the calorie content, and 4 or 5 drinks on a night out could easily involve a third to a half of the total daily calorie intake we need. Factor in peanuts and a kebab and it’s no wonder we pile on the pounds.

Even for those who are underweight, alcohol does you no favours as it has no nutritional value, so you’re filling yourself up with “empty” calories.

My mind does quite fancy a drink tonight but my stomach really doesn’t.

Nearly at that halfway milestone now, and very close to the £350 target with a running total of £317 (£373.25 including gift aid). If you haven’t yet sponsored me and would like to donate online, why not give the price of a pint (or some very expensive chocolate biscuits!) at


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