Day 18 – The Ghost of Drinkers Future

So… over the halfway point of Dry January with just 13 days to go and the end is in sight… I’d like to thank all my sponsors, family, friends and colleagues who’ve supported me in so many ways and raised £337 for Alcohol Concern now.

I had no idea whether this challenge would take off so started with an initial target of £100, quickly increased it to £175, then doubled it to £350, in response to your generosity, and may yet need to raise it again before the end of the month 🙂

I really appreciate all the encouragement, sharing, and spontaneous discussions that have taken place. A trainer once told me “There are two types of people who like getting positive feedback. Men…and women” and I try to remember that in my work. It’s very affirming to be on the receiving end of people’s comments that recognise our efforts, and strengthen our belief in our abilities – “If I can do this for 18 days without too much difficulty, maybe I could do it for 6 months?…”

I have a challenge for you too, if you’re brave enough. The Drinking Time Machine app will allow you to see the effects on your face in 10 years’ time if you drink 14, 28, or 40 units of alcohol a week.

Here’s a computer’s impression of my future 45-year-old self if I drink 28 units a week. That’s about 3 bottles of wine. The recommended weekly guideline is 14 units for a woman (21 for a man). Observe my lovely red “drinker’s nose”, wrinkles and double chin and be warned!!


To donate online, please go to


2 thoughts on “Day 18 – The Ghost of Drinkers Future

  1. Just realised I initially wrote that the recommended weekly guideline is 21 units for a woman and updated it to what it actually is at 14. In my defense I was very tired when I wrote it last night, and it USED to be 21 units for women and 28 units for men.

    Current NHS recommendations are actually that women should drink no more than 2-3 units a day and men no more than 3-4. This is a clearer message about safer drinking – as I sometimes tell my clients, units are not like reward points that you can store up and spend in one session!

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