Day 22 – £350 target exceeded!

So very pleased today to have exceeded the £350 target 🙂 Thanks again to everyone who has supported my efforts for Dry January and helped to reach these dizzy heights!

With 9 days to go I can’t stop now so I’ve raised the target to an ambitious £400 – let’s see if we can get there. I’ve set the donations page to continue to collect funds for one month beyond January (so, February then!) and, who knows, I may even write the occasional blog post next month to let you know how I get on with my drinking after a month’s abstinence. This is the longest I’ve gone without alcohol for about 15 years, and at this stage I’m pretty sure I’ll be drinking less than I was before this experiment, and feeling better for it.

I visited a couple of clients who are undergoing treatment in residential rehabs today, and whose lives revolved around alcohol for many years. It was fantastic to see how well they’re doing, and genuinely humbling to see the transformation in their self esteem and confidence. Treatment works for those who engage with it and I have so much admiration for them for sticking with the programme, which is intensive and can be very challenging.

Alcohol treatment has traditionally received less funding than drug treatment, yet alcohol causes at least as much harm as illegal drugs, and is a massive public health issue, linked to over 60 conditions including a whole range of cancers, cirrhosis, stomach ulcers, stroke, high blood pressure and dementia.

The equally devastating social consequences linked to alcohol can include violent crime, domestic abuse, antisocial behaviour, drink driving, accidents, injuries, homelessness, suicide, deliberate self injury, and absenteeism.

All the money for Dry January raised goes to Alcohol Concern to help provide support to the millions of people whose lives are adversely affected by alcohol, throughout the community and in residential settings.

It also enables the campaigning for effective national policies which recognise the impact of alcohol misuse on society, and aim to reduce the harm, for example by ensuring effective alcohol screening and advice is readily available in GP surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies, custody suites and homeless hostels.

Anyone who hasn’t yet got round to donating to this great cause, now’s your chance at  – Running total £352


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