Day 25 – Friday Night Blues

Well here we are, another alcohol-free Friday night, the fourth and final one of Dry January. This is the time I find most difficult as it’s an entrenched habit for me to drink on a Friday night and we’re all creatures of habit.

To be honest I’m struggling a bit tonight and would dearly love a drink. Maybe a red wine, it’s that sort of weather. Or even a brandy or a whisky. I feel exhausted, and it’s been a long week involving lots of trudging for miles through the snow to get to work (I don’t drive) and battling the elements.

It’s the end of the working week, the weekend starts here, I don’t have to work tomorrow, I deserve a reward, alcohol would go nicely with this food, I feel a bit hormonal, I’d like to just chill, enjoy a drink and watch TV…  these are familiar thoughts going through my mind and possible “triggers” for me.

I’m resisting them by reminding myself of the gains from remaining abstinent – not least the current total sponsorship of £460, another target smashed today and a new one set (£500!), so giving in now would involve a cost to me of nearly £1000 to pay back the sponsors, and Alcohol Concern.

I also remind myself of how lucky I am in this economic climate to have a home and a job to walk to and from, albeit in freezing conditions. Homeless people face extreme hardship every day just to survive, sometimes using alcohol to try to stay warm, but while it creates a sensation of warmth, it actually decreases core body temperature and increases the risk of hypothermia.

I know I will get through the weekend and final days of Dry January sober, though I am looking forward to having an alcoholic drink next Friday. This experiment has shown me that if this is as hard as it gets, I have no major difficulties in stopping drinking, at least for a month. Controlling the amount I drink beyond January, and keeping within the recommended guidelines, now that’ll be the next challenge…

You can still sponsor me at – running total £460. Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported me so far, I really appreciate it and  your money will be well used by Alcohol Concern.


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