Day 30 – Almost there…

Tomorrow is the final day of Dry January. So close now to the end of the project AND the £500 mark, it would only take a few small donations to make up the £20 shortfall and hit the target. If you haven’t yet sponsored me (or even if you have!) please do consider giving Alcohol Concern a few quid today to help them in their vital work and make a difference in the lives of those harmed by alcohol.

Thanks again to all those of you who’ve given your money, support and comments. From the conversations we’ve had, it’s clear that alcohol has touched the lives of many of the people I know and their family and friends. It really is a common issue affecting everyone across society, and such a big part of our culture playing a part in our socialising, celebrating, commiserating, desire for altered states, coping with emotional and physical pain, filling a spiritual void, and sense of belonging and identity.

By giving it up, I’ve learned more about alcohol throughout the month, and am always on a learning curve. If you’ve been inspired to look further into alcohol-related issues, the various links on my home page may be of interest. Here’s a new one on the hot topic of minimum unit pricing, something a lot of people are talking about, with all the facts at

I’m not sure I’ve saved much money this month as I’ve bought more soft drinks as an alternative to alcohol. And somewhat disappointingly I haven’t noticed any improvement in my skin, which Dry January promised me in its publicity! I may have lost a negligible amount of weight, and gained a slight increase in energy and quality sleep.

The most valuable learning for me has been the experience of setting a goal (a SMART goal i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed) and – nearly! – achieving it. The gain in self-confidence has made me realise I can apply myself to a project, alter my lifestyle and use my skills in other areas of my life I might want to change.

The support and generosity of so many people has also helped enormously and taught me a lot. And on that note!…there’s still time to sponsor me at Running total £480 Could you be the one to hit the £500 target?


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